Buggy Watch

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Tavannes watch Tavannes buggy

TWC presents you the Buggy Watch, a SWISS MADE
piece made by young people for young people in our
workshops in Tavannes (Switzerland).

We are proud to make our first Kickstarter campaign in
order to present ourself to a public that is looking for
different watchmaking products. Let the race begin!


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To do that, we have decided to take our inspiration from
the mechanical world, in particular on off-road vehicles.

They are often confronted with extreme conditions in
terms of endurance and shock. The challenge was great
to other a watch that could withstand the same

Tavannes watch Tavannes buggy

Tavannes watch Tavannes buggy

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The cage-bumper which protects the watch module has
a structure comparable to a strut thanks to its frame of
separate bars, it’s intended in the event of an impact to
diffuse the energy therefore, giving a solidity enabling
the watch module to be protected.

Tavannes watch Tavannes buggy

The Nato strap is essential to the watch, it is necessary to
keep the cage and the watch module together allowing
a certain movement between those parts, like a driver in
his bucket seat.

This kind of strap was initially used in the army, so it has
done his proofs in terms of durability and comfort in
every circumstances that you can imagine.
This strap also fits all sizes of wrists.

You can pre-order your watch using the Kickstarter
platform and also support the Buggy watch project.
Just click here: