Warranty Policy

1. Address warranty center of Tavannes Watches:

  • Tavannes Watches Co.: Chemin des Jardinets 2, 2710 Tavannes, Switzerland.

2. Warranty policy:

  • Watches are warranty from 2-5 years from the date of purchase.
  • Customers who buy watches at Tavannes Watch Co system will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Free lifetime battery replacement product applies to 10 watch brands when purchased at Tavannes Watch Co.

3. Scope of reception of warranty and repair watches:

  • Tavannes Watch Co receives warranty and repair for all products purchased at Coronation Watch system.
  • Branded products that Tavannes Watch Co is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam will also receive warranty and repair.
  • In addition to the above cases, Tavannes Watch Co will receive watches for warranty or repair for customers.

4. Conditions for free warranty and how to charge for repair watches:

  • If the watch is purchased at Tavannes Watch Co and also during the warranty period, customers must present documents related to the product such as warranty book or purchase invoice …, customers will be guaranteed free of charge according to the manufacturer’s regulations.
  • If the watch expires or the Customer does not bring the necessary documents related to the product, the Customer will charge a repair fee.

5. Watch warranty range:

  • Tavannes Watches Co. only guarantees technical errors on the machine (such as the watch does not run, runs incorrectly), water and battery power.
  • If the watch encounters technical problems such as the watch not running or running incorrectly, steam on the watch face, wires or case peeling or fading plating, other technical errors originating from the product, The Tavannes Watch Co will directly inspect and innovate the product for customers if serious.

6. Cases not covered by warranty:

  • The faults of the watch’s case and wires such as peeling or fading layers, staining the number …
  • The fault falls, the impact scratches the glass during the customer’s use.
  • The skin cord is broken, cracked or flaky.
  • No warranty for the case of adjustment, improper use of the user.
  • No warranty for repaired watches in places other than the warranty center of Tavannes Watches Co.

During use if there is any problem, customers can contact the Warranty Center for assistance at:

Swiss Headquarter: [email protected].

North American Headquarter: [email protected]

We are committed to the warranty in the most honest way to ensure your rights, please read carefully the warranty regulations written on the back of the voucher before performing the product warranty.


–        The customer is responsible for the cost of transportation to the Warranty Center.

–        At the end of the warranty period, the repair cost will be supported by the warranty center at the most preferential price.