Brown genuine leather


One piece NATO Bracelet

  • Wide adjustment range
  • Maximum resistance to tearing
  • Easy change without disassembly

This type of band, first made of leather was named G-10 according to the reference of the G10-98 form that was used by the military to order them. It was nicknamed NATO by a general consensus, referring to NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In addition to its robustness the NATO TAVANNES band is designed to be adapted to all sizes. Its 15-holes adjustment range can fit from the smallest to the largest wrist.

Another benefit of using a TAVANNES NATO band is the possibility to change straps in less than one minute without a tool. You can wear a nylon strap to work out and change it to a leather strap for a business appointment in seconds.
Bracelet Material

Lamb Leather


Buckle and loop

Stainless Steel