After-sales Service

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Our services:

  • Maintenant, oil cleaning

  • Replace watch strap, glass

  • Replace watch components

  • Replace and polish the cover

  • ETC…


Based on the actual condition and the need to repair and maintain your watch. After checking, our technician will specifically inform each repair and maintenance cost, spare parts, repair time etc … repair and maintenance work can only be carried out when You agree to relevant cost notices from our staff.



The steps to fix the all-inclusive watch will include:

Step 1: Identify the origin of the brand

Tavannes Watches only receives maintenance and repair of our genuine watches.

Step 2: Check the watch status in detail

Identification of external factors: casing, bands, face and hands. Inside, the technician will check the details of the… The receiving staff will inform guests which parts to replace or maintain.

Step 3: Make a receipt

We will record the name, code, SKU of the watch.

Basic external identification characteristics, machine status, and the work to be performed on the receipt. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to fix the watch immediately or leave it for 1 to 7 days because it depends on the complexity of each watch and the technique takes time to check the correct calibratment of the watch before handing it over to the customer.

Step 4: Clean the outer case, then dry

Step 5: Disassemble parts

The technique of disassembling parts such as glass, button, tube, gasket, bottom cover, case …

Step 6: Remove the needle and face to be in a separate box, followed by the separation of machine details

Step 7:These machine parts will be washed by technicians with a special solution to clean the old oil in the machine and be dotted with new oil so that the machine works smoothly.

Step 8: Check all rubber gasket systems, glass, braces, crown, bottom cover, buttons (if any)

Step 9: Install the needle and the number, close the bottom cover

Step 10: Check the watertightness and error of each watch

Step 11: Review the whole, aesthetic before sending back the watch to clients