Conditions of Sale

Regarding Tavannes Watch Co SA and the Conditions of Sale




March 2022

Regarding Tavannes Watch Co SA and the Conditions of Sale

These Conditions of Sale apply to all sales of Tavannes Watch Co products or services that you can order on the website and all platforms or by phone directly to our responsible customers.

The head office of Tavannes Watch Co SA is located at chemin des Jardinets 2, 2710 Tavannes, Switzerland. Our VAT number is N ° 727933.

Tavannes Watch Co SA owns and modifies the Platforms in accordance with the Terms of Use, and is responsible for how we do things with regard to data collection in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you place an order, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the conditions of which are included in these Terms of Sale.

Please read these Conditions of Sale carefully, they apply to orders placed by the Platforms or by Customer Service (the sales channels). Before any order for a product or service, you must accept these Terms of Sale; otherwise, you will not be able to place an order. The concluded by authorized resellers, are not subject to the conditions of sale.

We reserve the right to change the Conditions of Sale at any time, it is advisable to check regularly for updates. On the Platforms, you will always find the most recent versions. As soon as a version of these Terms of Sale is amended, it will take effect from the date of publication and will be applied for all orders or services placed from that same date. Changes to the Conditions of Sale made after your orders will have no impact on said orders.

Purchase conditions

There are only natural (and non-legal) persons having the required legal age of majority as well as the legal capacity, to conclude contracts as long as they use a shipping address in the countries served by our services (see our sales channels), which can order through the network of these Sales Channels. In the event that you are not of the legal age of majority or the legal capacity to enter into a contract, your guardian or one of your parents will have to place the order on your behalf and will have to accept these Conditions of Sale.

When ordering through the Sales Channels, you warrant that you are an end user (customer) purchasing, in good faith, for your own use or that of a third party. You may not deliver, sell or distribute in any way, nor will you buy our products for the purpose of trading.

Availability (quantity) of products

All orders via Sales Channels are subject to the availability and our acceptance of said orders. If certain products, visible on the Platforms, cannot be added to the basket, this means that these products are not available on the Platforms. In this case you can contact Customer Service. For any information on the ordering process, you can consult our Ordering Process article below.

Orders for certain products will be limited in quantity. We reserve the right to refuse, without notice, orders exceeding a certain number of authorized products.

Account registration and validation of visitor purchases

Before ordering, you must either create an online account and register or by choosing the alternative: “Guest Checkout” as a visitor without creating an account. As a visitor, if you place an order, you can create an account in our internal systems to record your purchases.

Personalized services

The personalization of our products or other services can be done through a selection of products; for any customization, you must provide the information requested by the Sales Channels.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse any order for products that are personalized or accompanied by inappropriate or illegal messages. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information regarding any customization of our products.

Special orders for personalized products cannot be canceled and personalized products cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. This clause is in accordance with consumer rights. If you have a question, you can read the article “Manufacturer’s warranty and your consumer legal rights below.”


Platform order process:

Add to basket: choose a product, add the product to the basket, you then have the possibility of continuing your purchases by adding them to the basket (within the limits of availability and quantity). An item placed in the basket does not guarantee its availability at the time of the order which will be confirmed upon receipt of a written Order Confirmation as well as a Shipping Confirmation.

Validation of purchases either: Visitor or: My Account

When your order is ready you can proceed to “Validation” either as a visitor or through your account. Once the validation has been carried out, it is always possible to delete one or more products.

Verification, payment and delivery:

During validation, you must modify if necessary and then verify the details of your order as well as your personal data: your email address, shipping address, billing address and payment data. It is your responsibility to check and confirm all the data appearing on the order summary then you can place your order.

Ordering: click in the appropriate box to place your order.

For valid reasons, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse, cancel or terminate orders at any time. If there is an ongoing dispute over payment for a previous order, we have the right to refuse, terminate or cancel your order, as if we suspect you, in our sole discretion, of fraud or any other violation. of these conditions of sale.

Prices, shipping costs and taxes:

All prices given on the product pages of the Platforms are in Swiss francs represented by the abbreviation CHF, applicable VAT is included but delivery costs and other taxes are not.

You will find a description of the shipping costs in the Shipping Policy. Shipping costs do not appear on the product pages but will be added following the choice of delivery options. Before you place your order, you will be able to review the summary of these charges which will appear in the emails we send you when you have selected your delivery options.

We reserve the right to change delivery charges and prices without notice and at any time.

Delivery charges and prices for our products are calculated based on ad hoc information at the time it is entered into the system, or disclosed to you. But it may be that despite our good will, the delivery costs and the prices of certain products sold through our sales channels are not correct, if the case should arise, we will inform you as soon as possible. However, if we are unable to contact you based on the data you left during the ordering process, we will cancel your order and you will be notified in writing. If there is an error in the shipping costs or prices shown, and your order is processed, delivery of the product will be canceled and you will be refunded.

It is possible that the law in force will be modified between the date of your order and the date of receipt of the written confirmation and dispatch, the taxes corresponding to your order may therefore change. If the change is an increase charged to you, we will contact you to reconfirm your order.


Only the means of payment indicated during the ordering process will be accepted. Depending on your method of payment, you may be asked for additional information as well as a specific identification.

 When ordering on the Platforms, payment details will be requested using the appropriate form. If you order by phone, you will be asked for your full payment details. Payment card holders are automatically subject to the validation control and authorization procedure of the card issuer. In the event that the payment authorization in our favor is rejected, it is your responsibility to contact your card issuer directly to resolve the dispute.

Other means of payment are also sometimes subject to validation checks and an authorization procedure from the providers of the financing system. If necessary, you allow us to perform security checks, communicate and obtain your information (including updates) to or from third parties as well as your payment card details to validate your identity, your payment card and obtain initial payment card authorization and enable personal purchase transactions.

Your payment card will be debited for the purchase amount only after confirmation of the order and shipment, before the amount of your purchase will remain blocked on your payment card.

In the case of payment by PayPal, the total amount of your purchase will be debited from your payment card as soon as your order has been placed. Your payment will be subject to these Terms of Sale (including the right to reimbursement). If the shipping and / or delivery obligations described below cannot be fulfilled, you will be informed by email and reimbursed as soon as possible.

We only accept wire transfers at our convenience. If the order is placed through our sales channels, no commission for bank transfers will be charged. Some banks may charge wire transfer commissions.

Orders over the phone and paid by wire transfer must be confirmed through an order approval process. An order paid by bank transfer will only be processed after confirmation of payment and confirmation of receipt by email. Your order will be canceled if the bank transfer has not been credited within 7 days after you place your order.

Acknowledgment of order

The Order acknowledgment is sent as soon as your order is placed (either by email or other means that confirms the details of your order and gives the reference number of your order). The reference number is important for all subsequent inquiries about your order. The order acknowledgment does not constitute order acceptance. In order to confirm and then process your order, we carry out the usual legal checks (credit, fight against fraud and security). You must check and confirm your order as soon as you receive the order acknowledgment. If the order acknowledgment does not comply or if you have any questions, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

You will receive these Terms of Sale as soon as we receive the acknowledgment of receipt of your order.

Shipping policy

Only orders deliverable in the countries mentioned in the Order process will be considered.

When ordering multiple products, it will not be sent until it is complete (all products available) unless you receive a contrary indication.

Order and shipping confirmation

The Order Confirmation will be sent to you in writing (email or otherwise) when your order is dispatched. A sales contract is concluded when we confirm your Order and Shipping.


We will do our best to ensure that delivery is made by the carrier within the delivery times indicated from the date of our Confirmation, in writing, of the Order and Shipment, in any event, within 30 days after that date. . Unless the product or service purchased requires a longer delivery time, as specified above, during personalization or “made-to-measure” manufacture according to your request.

When placing an order through the Sales Channels, you can choose a delivery date offered on the Sales Channels, but this date remains subject to our confirmation.

If the delivery of products is delayed by an event beyond our control, you will be informed as soon as possible and will do whatever is necessary to mitigate the consequences of this delay. We have 30 days following the Written Confirmation and dispatch of the Order or other period mentioned, to make the delivery if this was not the case, you are entitled to contact our Customer Service in order to cancel the order. and obtain reimbursement of deposits paid for undelivered products; This being your only recourse in the event of non-delivery of our products.

Delivery is subject to the condition of full receipt of your payment. To assess the delivery time of an order, consideration should be given to payment approval time, address verification, security checks, and processing.

A handwritten or electronic signature will be required from the person who will receive it (unless the provisions change) in order to confirm each product delivery and thus pass on to you the responsibility and the risk of said products. If you are not the recipient (for example: it is a gift) you accept that the recipient (or any other person at the delivery address) signs and that this is proof of delivery and payment of the contract of sale, the responsibilities having been transmitted to the recipient’s address in the same way as if you had received the product.


Following your order through the Sales Channels, you will receive an invoice, in writing or in PDF format, by email.

Returns and exchanges

– Right of cancellation

You can cancel a contract generated by our order confirmation, without specific reasons for 15 days from the date on which you acquire, or any person you designate (the carrier is not one of them) acquires physical possession of the products. of your order.

 If you live in the European Union or in the European Economic Area and you bought through the Sales Channels, this is recognized as your legal right of withdrawal. To withdraw, do so within the time limit, before expiration.

If you wish to cancel your contract and return your product (s), all you have to do is contact our Customer Service and follow the instructions given, or you can also write to us by email or by post:

[email protected]

Tavannes watch Co SA

Chemin des Jardinets 2

2710 Tavannes

– Return process

Products purchased through the Sales Channels are to be returned to the above address, in accordance with these Terms of Sale.

If the products were not purchased through the Sales Channels, they cannot be returned.

Steps to follow to return a product:

1) Return the product by mail or any other carrier of your choice, keep the receipt until confirmation of the refund.

2) You must provide adequate packaging and include with the product, all accessories as well as instructions for use, warranty cards, certificates and other documents in their original box.

Proof of the return shipment should be kept, in the event of a problem, you must be able to provide it to us.

– Conditions for returning products

When making a return, we check that everything is in accordance with the Returns and Exchanges Policy, if this is the case, we can proceed with the refund or exchange.

When making returns, the products must be in new and intact condition, with labels, tags and other protections as well as the box and accessories and documents. Watch straps must have the same number of strap links as in new condition and without any signs of wear. The product must not show signs of wear, must not have been used or altered from its original condition in any way. If this is the case, we reserve the right to decrease the refund amount or the exchange.

If free items were delivered with your order, they must be returned with the product.

Returns are quality controlled to ensure that these products still meet these quality requirements. If the products do not pass our quality control, they will be refused and returned to you. If the products pass quality control you will be refunded or an exchange possible.

If these Terms of Sale are not respected, the returned product will be returned to you at your expense.

3) Non-exchangeable, non-refundable products

Orders for personalized products, for example with an engraving or other form of personalization, cannot be canceled and products cannot be returned or exchanged, they are not refundable.

4) Refunds

A product purchased through the Sales Channels may be returned COD only if these Terms of Sale are met, particularly (a) the Right of Cancellation and (b) the Return Process above.

A product can only be returned and refunded by its purchaser. If it is a gift, the recipient of the gift cannot be refunded.

If these Conditions of Sale are expressly respected, we undertake to do our best to refund the purchase price to the buyer using the same means of payment used to pay for the product, this within 14 days after receipt of the product. return. The initial shipping costs are only refunded if the product is defective on our part.

5) Exchanges

A product purchased through the Sales Channels can be exchanged for another Tavannes Watch Co product, only if these Conditions of Sale are respected, particularly (a) the Right of Cancellation and (b) the Return Process above. above.

The sale of the returned product must be canceled and a new order for the ordered product must be placed.

If the returned product is priced higher than the exchange product, only the purchaser of said product can receive a refund of the difference.

If the returned product for an exchange is priced lower than the exchange product, the difference will be charged.

Manufacturer’s warranty and consumer legal rights

Our commitment: all our products comply with our quality criteria, they must pass all our technical and aesthetic checks.

Our products are covered by the applicable Tavannes Watch Co warranty. To repair a product covered by the applicable Tavannes Watch Co warranty, you can refer to said Warranty, call our Tavannes Watch Co Service Department for any information.

As a consumer, you have legal rights under applicable law that governs the sale of consumer goods; these Terms of Sale and the applicable Tavannes Watch Co warranty in no way affect these rights.

6) Services offered free of charge by our Sales Channels

– Usual packaging and gift packaging

The products ordered are shipped in the usual Tavannes Watch Co box and if it is a gift, it is possible to purchase (price on request) a luxurious box.

– Engravings

Engravings can be made on request, just contact us on +41 (0) 32 483 72 80 and provide us with your details. Personalized Tavannes Watch Co products cannot be returned or exchanged.

– Bracelet adjustment

Tavannes Watch Co watch straps have a standard size. You can enlarge or shorten the size of the bracelet, either by going to an authorized Tavannes Watch Co retailer or by going through our After-Sales Center, the contact details of which are listed on our website. If links are removed from the bracelet, they will be included in the packaging and will be returned to you.

– Repairs

For any repair request for a Tavannes Watch Co product, you can contact our After-Sales Service via our website.

– Product description

We strive to c ensure that the information (product descriptions, dimensions, colors, etc.) given on the Platforms as well as in advertisements or in our brochures or catalogs are correct and exhaustive. But we make no warranty, express or implied, about the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this data.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent that applicable law allows, we disclaim and exclude all terms, conditions and warranties relating to products and Sales Channels, whether explicit or implicit or otherwise, or arising from prior operation, use or commercial practice. (e).

Nothing in these Terms of Sale limits or excludes our liability for any liability that cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law. Subject to the foregoing sentence, our full liability to you under these Terms of Sale for any order, whether contractual, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, even if we have been informed of the possibility of said damage, will in no case exceed one hundred percent (100%) of the price of the product (s) in your order.

In some countries, consumer protection laws do not provide for certain exclusions or limitation of warranties or liabilities, therefore some of the above exclusions and limitations may not apply.

General provisions

If any provision, or part of a provision, of these Terms of Sale is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable, that provision or partial provision will be deemed not to be part of these Terms of Sale and the legality, validity or enforceability. other provisions of these Terms of Sale will not be affected, unless applicable law requires otherwise.

These Conditions of Sale (and the related conditions incorporated by reference) constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the ordering of products or services, cancel and replace all agreements, draft agreements , arrangements, commitments or accessory contracts of any nature whatsoever, entered into by the parties, whether oral or written, with regard to this object.

We decline all responsibility in the event of delay in performance, non-performance or non-compliance with our obligations under these Conditions of Sale, arising from any cause beyond our control.

Our waiver of asserting the violation of any provision of these Terms of Sale shall not be construed as a waiver of asserting any other violation or any subsequent violation.

The terms of this contract between you and us cannot be applied by any other person. If you purchased a product and give it as a gift, the recipient of your gift will be eligible for the applicable Tavannes Watch Co warranty.

Applicable law, jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed and interpreted in accordance with Swiss law, without reference to provisions concerning a conflict of laws. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Terms of Sale, will be adjudicated or submitted to arbitration in accordance with the Terms of Sale. If Swiss law differs from consumer law in your country, we will provide similar protection.

You have the right to initiate proceedings against us either in the courts of Berne or in your country of domicile. We can also initiate proceedings against you in the courts of your country of domicile.

Without any restriction to the lodging of any recourse before a court, you and Tavannes Watch Co will make every effort during the period of thirty (30) days to amicably settle any conflict or dispute involving the product or being linked to it, to the General Conditions of Sale or to any error relating thereto.

In case of disagreement, you can submit your complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution institution, if you are a consumer living in the European Union.

Address of the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform:

For any questions, contact us at:

Tavannes Watch Co SA

Chemin des Jardinets 2


E-mail: [email protected]