Question and Answer.

1. Why does the automatic watch stop?

First of all, the introduction of what is a fully automatic mechanical watch, by automatic gyro in any direction can be turned on the role of the automatic upper body of the hair bar (visible in the transparent bottom cover table). It is conceivable that only by wearing the watch on your hand, as your arms move, the auto-tyro will turn to generate energy. Generally fully automatic watches should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours a day to replenish the energy of the hair strip, but it is not absolute. It is recommended to wear a watch during the holidays, and the watch will not stop until it is worn on the hand to constantly replenish the hair strip. Now there is a widespread office work of people, watches often stop the phenomenon, in addition to the movement of the reasons, because of their own wearer’s lack of movement, can not give the hair bar to add enough energy, if this is the reason, can be used to dial the hair bar method to make up.

2. Some watches marked waterproof, but how can it get into the water vapor?

In general, the waterproof meter does not mean that it will not enter the water vapor. If you take a bath with your watch, the waterproof rubber ring used for your watch will be eroded by chemicals such as detergents that will accelerate aging and the water resistance will fail. In the rainy season, the humidity in the air is relatively high, and the temperature difference is large, such as sauna, air-conditioned room, etc. , will cause the watch into the water vapor.

3. After open watch case,  will it still be waterproof?

We know that the waterproof function of the watch mainly depends on rubber waterproof rubber ring fixed in the mirror, the back cover and crown and the case indirectly together to form a seal waterproof. However, if you often wear a watch hot bath or sauna will accelerate the aging and deformation of waterproof rubber ring, in addition to high temperature, sweat acid, swimming pool chlorine and perfume will affect the hardening of waterproof rubber ring, so that its waterproof performance is reduced. Based on experience, it is recommended that you take your watch to an authorized service station every 1-2 years to test its water resistance.

4. When should we replace the battery?

Quartz watches vary in battery life from 1 to 2 years depending on the movement and usage used. High-grade three-pin quartz watch has a battery will run out of prompt function, second-hand beat abnormal, that is, every four seconds, then remind you to replace the battery in time, if not replaced in time, may cause battery leakage and damage to the watch internal parts. Some customers have several watches, usually do not wear in order to save power and pull out the crown to stop the watch, the surface watch stopped, in fact, the battery continues to discharge, if not replaced in time, will cause the battery over-discharge, so that the battery leakage, the same will corrode the movement, resulting in maintenance costs far exceed the cost of replacing the battery.

5. Why does quartz watch stop?

First look at whether the crown is pulled out, whether the second hand touches the mirror, in the mirror will appear a ring mark, whether the three needles contact, when the needle and needle overlap, see if you can walk, and finally ask professionals to check whether the battery is exhausted.

6. Will the stainless steel straps rust or fade?

There are many kinds of stainless steel, the main components are nickel and chromium, and nickel, chromium and other non-vegetarian easy to be eroded by strong acid and alkali. The body’s sweat contains hydrochloric acid components, wearing watches, if often contacted by sweat or allow acid-alkali dirt accumulation without timely cleaning, the strap and other places will slowly appear rust spots, wrists will also appear black smudges. This is mainly due to stainless steel containing nickel and other elements in the human body sweat or vinegar, bleach, correction fluid and other chemicals, chemical reagents, cosmetics and other substances caused by contact. The general treatment is to gently brush the strap with a soft-haired toothbrush and dry it with a soft cloth, or to the brand-authorized service station with ultrasonic instruments for cleaning.

7. Why do two-pin quartz watches often find them one minute slower?

Because the motor of two-pin quartz watch is mostly jumped every twelve seconds, the customer adjustment may not have started the motor, so it will be reflected in the minute hand and the correct time difference of one minute, if the above situation only need to dial the minute needle fast one minute can be.

8. How to solve the phenomenon of magnetic on mechanical watches?

Once the magnetic on the watch will suddenly walk very fast, even 1-2 hours / day. Usually wear mechanical watches should pay attention to stay away from magnetic fields, such as audio, television, mobile phones and other electrical appliances nearby. On-magnetic is a more common phenomenon today, the solution is not difficult, just to the authorized maintenance department with special equipment for de-magnetization, only a short period of 30 seconds, the watch can de-magnetization, the performance of the watch has no impact.