Black Star Sailing

Swiss sailing above water level: adrenaline and watchmaking The 2021 Submarine 1917 version on the wrist of the Black Star skippers

The Tavannes Watch Co. partnership with the 2020 European M32 sailing champions is boosting the first ever waterproof watch to follow in the tracks of man’s great achievements: waterproofing, wind control, the high-tech magic of ocean prowess…

Summer 2021. This partnership is meaningful. From the watchmaking cradle of the Jura Arc, where Tavannes Watch is proudly cultivating its heritage as a legendary Swiss brand, to the idyllic waters of Lake Lucerne, where the Black Star Sailing Team’s semi-flying yacht trains year-round, there is only one step that Christian Zuerrer, captain and owner of the Black Star team, and Florin Niculescu, owner of Tavannes Watch & Co. have taken.


Watchmaking Legacy aboard a Flying Catamaran

From this relationship, a fusion of values is born, foreseen for the long term and already being consumed in the early hours of July 2021, in Portugal. Tavannes Watch Co, a major Swiss watchmaking company founded in 1891, is embarking on the 2021 summer season and has just put an iconic Submarine 1917 timepiece in third millennium version on the wrists of the Black Star Sailing Team skippers. The legendary brand, never afraid of a daring outing off the lush tracks of its more than 100-year history, is coming aboard the GC32 catamaran, a concentrate of the most futuristic technology. It is one of the fastest “flying” boats in the world.

Tame the time, master the winds

This merger between two entities withhuman dimensions, the Black Star Sailing Team and the Tavannes Watch Co, is about to dock on the shores of lasting achievements, those that remain unforgettable and imprint their time: more than the pursuit of speed records or first places on the podiums, there is a common desire to transmit know-how, to share in a playful and ultra-technical way the common passions and challenges: excellence, innovation, competitiveness and training of young people.

From this legitimate alliance between a watchmaking icon and a catamaran of the future, new references will emerge. For example, the next Submarine 1917, which will incorporate in their construction sail fragments still charged with sea spray and racing adrenaline.

Over the water, flying over the waves and smoothing out their jolts, this competition sailboat, like the Submarine 1917 which has been revived since 2017, is the result of a sum of many skills, an orchestra of knowhow and a concentration of passions. A team spirit that speaks to the heart as much as the eternal beats of a mechanical Swiss watch with automatic winding.

Submarine STBP02