Return Policy

Return Policy

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Return policy to ensure maximum benefits for customers when shopping for goods at, as follows:

In order to ensure the interests of consumers, improve the quality of after-sales service, customers are allowed to change new products of the same type when the product has i can not fix problems (due to technical errors of manufacturers). Product errors are only redeemed after technical confirmation and comply with the following conditions:

–        New products purchased within 30 days from the date of sale. Customers buy online, the time is calculated from the date the customer receives the product;

–        Goods are determined the origin of purchase (based on purchase invoices, warranty paper and identification stamps pasted on the product);

–        The goods are confirmed to be technically faulty by technicians of the Company’s Warranty Center;

–        Goods still intact sealing stamps (not torn or glued back) of the manufacturer or stamps of Tavannes Watches, must be intact barrel shells, foam and full of attached accessories, promotional gifts (if any)…

–        Goods received back without faulty form (scratches, distortions, yellow stains, ruptures …)

–        The goods received must be full of components.

–        Goods upon re-receiving must be full of accompanying documents (Warranty slips, guide books … )

Coronation Watches will make exchanges for customers, but no refunds will be made for shipping/delivery (if any), except for the following cases:

–        Not the right type, model as you ordered.

–        Insufficient quantity, insufficient order / information as in the original order.

–        Not of quality such as: overdue, out of warranty, in operation, objective damage within the warranty of suppliers, manufacturers,..

In case of non-acceptance of product exchange or return:

–        You want to change the design, product type;

–        User error;

–        Do not accept errors of appearance (scratching, distortion, distortion, breakage, cleft …) when customers have brought products out of the Company store;

–        You operate in accordance with instructions, causing damage to products and goods;

–        You self-affect external conditions such as peeling, breaking, …;

–        You request the return of goods due to violations of form (scratches, distortions, yellowing, breakage ,…) that when you buy goods remain intact.

Note: Customers carefully review the product before buying, the sold product does not re-enter. To ensure that every customer always buys best products.