Bernard Campan we do not need to introduce anymore, he is not «Inconnus » and Alexandre Jollien, swiss philosopher and writer are in a very good mood and happy to be in Bienne together.

Christian Kellenberger, co-founder of the FFFH explain that they are in the watchmaking capital and they are going to receive a small gift.

Bernard Campan jokes : « We are going to receive a watch ! »

I bring the two boxes containing the SUBMARINES, we give to them the watches.

Alexandre Jollien didn’t expect it, he cannot saty in place, Florin help him to close the Nato strap. Words don’t come anymore to the philosopher for once.

Bernard Campan is more reserved and quite incredulous, he is watching the box than the watch and finally he realize, he put it on his wrist, I explain to him the screw-down crown and automatic movement concept, he is impressed and appreciates the red colored gaskets detail.

After photo wall ritual, Alexandre and Bernard thank us warmly and leave to the big REX large screening room.

At the end of the projection, it’s a well deserved standing ovation ; Bernard Campan et Alexandre Jollien also stand up, they have tears in their eyes….Movie is funny and tuching at the same time : « Presque » blew the assembly up.

The beautiful story of a beginning frienship between a wounded man and a lonely man is directly inspired by Bernard and Alexandre’s friendship.