Meeting with Nathalie Baye and Sylvie Ohayon on the sixth floor of Mercure Plaza in Bienne… If I was told it was possible a few months ago I would have laughed.

Sylvie Ohayon is the first to arrive in the room, director of the film «Haute Couture» featuring Nathalie Baye, she is also a famous writer which first movie was based one of her novels.

She looks tired, than Nathalie Baye comes in, all dressed in dark blue, sport chic but so elegant. She seems to be annoyed by the intense light and our faces hidden by backlight.

Christian Kellenberger (Co-founder of FFFH), introduces us briefly and we start to talk about Tavannes Watch Co.

Than we open in front of her the laquered wooden black box containing the «Sophisticated Lady».

And this ist he wonder, the jewel is sett with 38 diamonds on case, 14 diamonds on mother of pearl white dial, a silken rope ended by 2 fine pearls.

Emotion is obvious, Nathalie Baye looks delighted.

The watch parenthesis ends, Nathalie and Sylvie thanks us one more time and they go to present in direct «Haute Couture».